Everyone can park a Tesla

Een Tesla inparkeren kan iedereen

Gerrien's book

If leadership is so crucial to the success of a digital transformation, why aren’t many more transformations successful? As a manager and professional, how do you take control of your job and your career?

Digital transformation is the transition to a different business model or integrated way of organising, in which digital technologies play a dominant role.

This book is about how to be digitally future-proof and how to behave as a leader in this. Gerrien describes her vision on the basis of the Leadership Transformation Cycle® and the Hourglass Model®, so that you can lead with more pleasure and meaning and fulfil your role during a digital transformation in a contemporary and effective way.

You will gain knowledge and insight into digital transformation and the book places context in the future of work and personal leadership. It provides tools for managers to get started themselves, resulting in successful teams and organisations.

ISBN 9789491863479
Publisher EQuus, Amsterdam
Publication date 2020
Binding style Paperback

Number of pages 184

Language Dutch
(the; f; plural: transformations)


Trans-for-ma-tion; a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.

What can you expect?

Knowledge and understanding of leadership in digital transition

Part 1 gives an overview of what digital transformation means, what the consequences and future developments are and how it affects the role of the manager and his team. It addresses the why of the digital transformation. It looks from the outside in and introduces external developments and trends using current theories, insights and appealing examples.

Context leadership in digital transition and the future of work

The nature of work in the future will be fundamentally different from that in the present. Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are going to make this shift as important as the industrial revolution of agriculture and manufacturing was in our great-grandparents’ generation. While some jobs will be lost and many new ones created, almost all jobs will change significantly. The role of the manager is crucial in making this transition successful. Innovative insights and ideas that shape digitisation and the future of work help the manager to set focus and direction. This section is larded with applicable insights, cases and practical examples.

Leadership in digital transition

In part three, insights from the first and second parts are translated into how the manager deals with the changes in his work and successfully applies them to get his team moving. After establishing focus, it is now a matter of taking control. Part three is about the how of digital transition and the personal style of the manager in leading his team effectively.

Hourglass model in practice

There are two parts of the leadership transformation cyclethat are instrumental in keeping all the others current, namely, lifelong learning and the creation of a learning culture. Turning over the hourglass provides an opportunity for these processes to take hold.